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Online Training


We can bring our well-established RCA Rt training Online, and make it easier to participate in our courses than ever before.







2.5 hrs

You only have to find 2.5 hrs (150 minutes) out of your day for each session. There are no travel expenses involved, no worry about accommodation, parking hassle or meals expenses (apart from your favourite cup of coffee).

We are very excited because virtual courses open up opportunities to facilitate short daily sessions (2.5 hrs each). Whether you are in an office at work, in a remote location, at a restricted access site, working from home or elsewhere, you can accomplish our problem solving courses and receive your certificate. Start time will be the same for each session.

Each session is run via Zoom meeting facilitated by us. Three sessions will cover the RCA Rt 12STEPS theory, and three sessions will be work on your real current unsolved problem; that will be your business case. We're now including the RCA2GO software as part of the course; it comes with a very long free trial period to ensure you have the best experience from the online training, and learn to use problem solving software for yourself.

The program is delivered across six sections.

Each section is one session. It comes with a mixture of: slide-shows, videos, discussions, breakout sessions, homework between sessions and software training. Two sessions per week, on Tuesday and Wednesday, beginning at the same time. (But not over the Easter week)



Session 1:
Focus Phase (Steps 1-4)
  • Define the problem
  • Pick the target
  • Assess & Monitor
  • Confirm containment
Session 2:
Find Causes Phase (Steps 5-8)
  • Take a good practical look
  • Search for patterns and comparison
  • Brainstorming for causes
  • Build a cause tree
Session 3:
Fix Forever Phase (Steps 9-12)
  • Select a change
  • Prepare and execute
  • Did it work?
  • Make it stick

Find out what happened.
Look at the process.
Ask the people, ask what has changed.


Use 7 Quality Tools (7QT) to visualise gathered data.


Every idea is a good idea.
Use checklists and 7 Quality Tools.


What do you need?

We will be using Zoom as the platform for our online video conferencing. You will need a computer with online access, as well as video and audio. Zoom can be viewed straight from the browser so there is no need for software download. The RCA2GO software is web-based and a login will be provided for this. We will provide you with a hard copy of the training manual and a PDF of worksheets for the course. You will need to have a post-it note pad, marker and pen.

Who should attend?

This course is applicable to anyone wanting to learn how to use formal problem solving to solve complex problems.


RCA Rt Online Training Courses in Australasia are conducted in partnership with SIRF Roundtables
SIRF Roundtables is Australasia’s oldest and largest premier business improvement network with 300+ member companies. Click on the links below to check online training dates and courses.

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