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RCA2GO -- Cross platform solution Cross-platform solution. RCA2GO is a true cross-platform, multi-site, scaleable, modern structured problem solving tool and issue management system. It is web-based, runs in all modern browsers.
RCA2GO Features Features. Being almost infinitely scalable, RCA2GO is also feature rich. Manage your teams, reports, monitor progress, actions, change views, escalate issues, and communicate efficiently 24/7.
RCA2GO -- Real life useReal life use. Some think real issues are problems. Some discover in issues new opportunities. Some use gathered knowledge to build expert systems. RCA2GO can be used for any and for all of them.


RCA2GO -- DesignDesign. RCA2GO is designed to work unobtrusively and efficiently. It provides much necessary information in one glance only. It runs fast, efficiently manages your data even against challenging Internet connections.
RCA2GO -- Versions Versions. For individuals and teams, small, medium or large, RCA2GO is infinitely scaleable. Choose plan with features that best suits your needs, and feel free to scale up and extend investigations whenever needed.


Whether you are solving problems, improving processes, doing pre-project risk analysis, analysing success or incidents to develop deeper understanding, RCA2GO is ready 2GO anywhere, anytime, through any computer with an Internet connection. Discover how easy it is to use RCA2GO to:
  • Eliminate potential threats, dig into irregular problem occurrences, solve costly & uncertain conditions, analyse wider systemic issues
  • Reach new peak efficiencies & breakthroughs, identify patterns 
& trends, protect & preserve strategic assets, eliminate wasted processes, improve quality
  • Map processes, set actions, trigger alerts, escalate problems and communicate solutions.
The web based RCA2GO software automatically backs up all data, supports and records all types of problem solving processes, from the simplest forms of 5WHYS, through cause tree approaches and on to rigorous statistical based Six Sigma approaches.